reviewing furnace repair issues

Why Is My Newport, KY Furnace Overheating?

October 28, 2022

Is the furnace in your Newport, KY home emitting a burning smell and not keeping your home warm? If so, your heating system is possibly overheating. Below are some reasons why your furnace may overheat.

Poor Air Circulation

Inadequate airflow can cause internal components to overheat. A dirty air filter is the most common cause of this problem. If the filter is dirty, that makes it difficult for air to circulate.

Furnace Internal Parts Dirty

The internal parts of a furnace will get dirty if the air filter is dirty. Dust and contaminants that the filter should catch make it into the heating system.

Dirt can cover the coil and affect the heat exchanger’s ability to move heat. The blower motor may also become dirty and overheat from a lack of ventilation.

Premature Shutoff

Premature shutoff — or short cycling — is when your heating system shuts off during the heating cycle. The frequent starts and stops can damage the motor.

Premature shutoff is often caused when a furnace overheats. To protect the motor, it turns itself off. It will start again once it cools, but overheats again and endangers the motor.

Furnace Wiring and Blower Problems

Regular maintenance from an experienced HVAC contractor is a good way to keep the wiring and moving parts in proper working order.

A furnace that overheats requires immediate attention. Ignoring the problem will make the situation worse. Continuing to use it can pose a threat to your life and property.

Give us a call at Western Hills Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for help with heating repair. When you need furnace repair or installation services, we’re the ones to call.

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