Drain Line Problems

Prevent Drain Line Problems From Affecting AC Efficiency

June 26, 2018

Here in the West Harrison, Indiana, area where we have very humid summers, one of the keys to keeping your AC system running smoothly is to prevent drain line problems. These issues can occur easily due to the high level of humidity that your air conditioner has to handle. Here are some ways you can prevent drain line problems from affecting AC efficiency in your home.

Drain Line Clog Causes

As your air conditioner removes moisture from the air in your home, the moisture accumulates in your AC system on the evaporator coil before dripping into the condensation pan. From there, it moves through the condensate drain pipe to a designated outside area such as your lawn.

Sometimes problems arise along the way, when the moisture mixes with dust particles and bacteria in the AC system. Over time, this mixture can build up into a thick sludge. Eventually, your AC system’s drain line can become completely blocked by this buildup.

Preventing Drain Line Clogs

One way to reduce the chances of this sludge blocking your drain line is by sticking to the recommended maintenance schedule for your AC unit. Another preventative measure you can take is to use filters with a minimum MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating of eight. The higher the rating, the more particles will be trapped in the filter. In addition, make sure you change your filters at the recommended intervals.

Filters can’t trap 100 percent of the potential contaminants such as dust particles, so it’s a good idea to use a cleaning solution on your drain pipe from time to time. Avoid using chemicals like bleach that can produce harmful vapors. You can also use a shop vac to suck the blockage out, if needed. We have maintenance plans available that include drain cleaning as well as other routine services.

Give us a call at (812) 227-3001 if you’d like help with your air conditioner drain line, or for any other air conditioning service or maintenance needs.

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