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5 Signs You Need a New Furnace in West Harrison, IN

October 25, 2021

Replacing an old furnace keeps your West Harrison, IN, home at optimal comfort levels. You can use this checklist to know when it’s time to replace your furnace.

1. An Increase in Your Heating Bills

Several things could cause a dramatic increase in your heating bills, including a furnace at the end of its lifespan. As the internal parts of your heating system wear out over the years, the electric bill may increase. Contact an expert for furnace replacement if you notice a sudden and unexplained increase in your heating bills.

2. Your Home Isn’t Warm

If your home is cold yet the heating system is on, it’s an indication that your heating system is failing. Call a professional if your rooms have different temperatures to inspect your furnace and possibly replace it. It’s advisable to replace the old heating system with a modern one that maintains optimal comfort levels in your home.

3. Frequent Furnace Repairs

Usually, furnaces experience frequent repairs during the last two years of their useful lifespan. If you’re repairing an old furnace and losing efficiency, it’s most likely time for a new system. Consider investing in a new heating system to increase efficiency and avoid hefty repair costs.

4. Unusual and Loud Noises

Older furnaces can also start producing loud and unusual noises at the end of their livespan. Hire a professional to determine the cause of the unusual sounds, such as banging, popping or rattling noises.

5. A Yellow Burner Flame

If you notice a yellow burner flame rather than a blue one, it’s a sign of carbon monoxide leaks. High concentrations of this gas can be toxic, so it’s time to call a professional technician right away. You may have a cracked heat exchanger. A technician can assess the situation and let you know if a repair is possible of if your money is better spent on a replacement system.

Remember to hire an expert to professionally assess whether it’s time to repair or install a new heating system. Contact our team at Western Hills Heating & Air Conditioning today if you need heating repair or furnace replacement services.

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