Two Heat Pumps Outside House

4 Wintertime Heat Pump Problems in Florence, KY

January 31, 2024

Like any important home system, heat pumps don’t last forever. Luckily, heat pumps will usually exhibit certain signs to warn you that something is wrong. If you live in Florence, KY, you want to make sure your heat pump doesn’t experience any of these common problems during winter.

1. Short-Cycling Unit

If your heat pump is shutting down just a few minutes into a cycle and not reaching your set temperature, there can be several reasons. Dirt and dust may have collected on the motor and caused it to overheat, or the compressor coil outside could have frozen and become unable to operate. In both of these cases of short-cycling, you need a professional to look for the cause.

2. Extremely Long Cycles

You should expect cycles to be a little longer than the usual 10 to 15 minutes if outside temperatures dip below freezing. However, a heat pump that’s running forever is malfunctioning; this could be due to debris covering the coils and preventing the transfer of heat into your home.

3. Uneven Indoor Temperatures

Maybe you notice that some rooms heat up nicely while others stay cool or lukewarm. The trouble may be with the blower motor, especially if the rooms farthest from the air handler aren’t getting heat. Another possibility is that the vents leading into those lukewarm rooms are blocked or have cracks that let the warm air escape.

4. Continual Noises During Operation

Maintenance services usually get to the bottom of any unusual noises in your system. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your system checked, you may start to hear loud rattling, banging, grinding and even whistling sounds during operation. These can point to loose parts, leaks and more.

If your heat pump exhibits any of the above issues, you’ll clearly need a repair, so call Western Hills Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment. Established in 1981, our family-run business can perform quality tune-ups for any brand of heat pump, including ductless and geothermal heat pumps.

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