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4 Reasons to Schedule Fall Furnace Maintenance in West Harrison, IN

September 24, 2021

The fall season is here in West Harrison, IN, and it presents the best time to schedule your furnace maintenance. Routine maintenance of your furnace significantly increases efficiency, thus increasing the heating effectiveness. Here are key reasons why you should schedule fall heating maintenance.

Decrease in Malfunctions/Damages

The fall season symbolizes the start of cold months, meaning more heating work that may cause it some wear and tear. Failure to service the furnace may consequently lead to a malfunction leaving you feeling cold.

It is essential that you schedule furnace inspection and a tune-up to avoid any unexpected failures. HVAC inspections in the fall will also highlight minor problems that can cause your furnace to overwork.

Furnace Maintenance Reduces Energy Bills

To maintain low bills, it is best you practice positive HVAC habits, including air filter changes and heating system maintenance. These tasks improve the overall efficiency and performance of your furnace, which results in lower energy usage.

Increases the Furnace’s Lifespan

The average lifespan of your furnace is at least 16-20 years, but it can be longer when you schedule regular maintenance. Preventive maintenance twice a year protects your furnace and air conditioning from major damages that may lead to a costly HVAC replacement.

Ensuring Warmth Through the Fall and Winter

Scheduling for a furnace tune-up at the beginning of the fall ensures your furnace is in peak condition through the rest of the winter season. Having your furnace at peak condition throughout will be important for indoor comfort as you battle the cold months ahead.

Skipping maintenance leaves you at risk of spending some nights and mornings in the cold should the furnace have a problem. Contact and hire Western Hills Heating & Air Cond. experts for all your heating maintenance, repairs and HVAC-related services.

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