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4 Reasons You Need Attic Insulation Year-Round

February 27, 2018

Insulation is what keeps the air you want in your home actually inside your home and the air you don’t want on the outside. Whether it’s winter or summer, you want comfortable air indoors, no matter the temperature outside. Attic insulation is vital to achieving this goal. Here are four reasons you need attic insulation throughout the year in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Hot Air Rises

As air heats up, the molecules expand and become lighter, causing them to rise. If you’re heating the air in your home, all of it is going to rise. Without insulation in the attic, that warm air is going to rise right out through the roof. As the warm air escapes, your furnace will need to continue to run to keep the house warm, leading to higher energy bills. 

A Hot Attic is Expensive to Cool

In the summer, you don’t need to worry about hot air escaping your home, but an uninsulated attic is an expensive space to cool. Your air conditioner works to bring down the temperature of your entire home, if part of that home is not protected from outside heat, it’s going to have to work even harder to cool it. 

Cooling an uninsulated attic causes your air conditioner to have to run longer and use more energy. Also, a harder-working system is going to have a shorter lifespan. 

Enveloping Your Duct System

If your duct system was originally installed in the attic, insulating this area will help keep the air in the ducts at the temperature you want. 

It’s a Cheap Solution to a Costly Problem

Adding blown-in insulation to your attic is a fairly simple do-it-yourself project. You’ll likely spend less than a thousand dollars and a weekend of your time to save energy and money over many years. Even if you decide to hire a professional to complete this project, it is still an inexpensive project, especially when it’s weighed against the long-term savings. 

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