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4 Myths About Geothermal HVAC Systems in Cedar Grove, IN

March 28, 2023

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are eco-friendly solutions that use the earth’s natural temperatures. As a Cedar Grove, IN resident, you can utilize this technology to effectively lower the carbon footprint and bring your house into ecological equilibrium. The following myths make this technology appear less appealing than it is.

Myth 1. It Takes a Lot of Land to Build a Geothermal Heating System

Geothermal systems circulate air via an underground circuit that uses the earth’s temperatures to heat or cool it in the winter or summer. You can install a geothermal heat pump system in several ways, such as horizontal or vertical loop systems.

This means only a little above-ground area is necessary for the latter scenario. And if an aquifer is available, you will need even less acreage.

Myth 2. Geothermal Systems Have a Limited Lifespan

Geothermal HVAC systems have a long lifespan since they’re located indoors and can last up to 30 years. A system that is properly built can transfer heat underground indefinitely. The only component that requires replacement over time is the heat exchange apparatus.

Myth 3. Geothermal Heating Is Exclusive to New Buildings

Geothermal retrofits are undoubtedly useful, even though installation causes temporary landscape disruption. Geothermal heat pumps’ 400 to 600% operational efficiency may be a huge asset to older buildings.

4. Geothermal Systems Only Offer Heating

Geothermal heat pumps function similarly to air-source heat pumps in that they provide cooling in the summer and warmth in the winter. You likely don’t need a backup heat source because geothermal systems are even more effective than air-source heat pumps.

Reach out to Western Hills Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for your heating services, inquiries regarding our energy-efficient heating and cooling services or to debunk any more myths you may have heard. If there are any misconceptions about geothermal systems, our skilled HVAC technicians will be happy to provide accurate information.

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