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Saving Energy with Weatherization of Your Home

May 7, 2017

When most people think of weatherization, they think of installing weatherstripping around doors and windows to prevent cold outdoor air from entering the home in winter. And this is certainly one key part of the equation. But, in reality, effective weatherization of your Harrison or Okeana, OH or Lawrenceburg, IN home is a proposition that offers year-round benefits and goes well beyond weatherstripping doors and windows. When properly weatherized, your home will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter, while also saving you money on heating and cooling. But, there are a number of other advantages as well.

Energy Efficiency: One Benefit Among Many

Energy efficient heating and cooling and the money you save are certainly two significant parts of the weatherization story. But, by looking beyond the most basic and obvious method for protecting your indoor environment from the outside elements, you’ll find that you can realize the following additional comfort-enhancing benefits at the same time:

  • Fewer household drafts
  • Better temperature control
  • Lower humidity levels
  • Less dust and pollen
  • Reduced mold growth
  • Fewer pest problems
  • Less ambient noise

These benefits will bring added value to your overall home weatherization plan.

Beyond Weatherstripping: The Rest of the Story

Using a couple of other valuable weatherization techniques can help you enjoy the additional benefits listed above. These strategies include the following:

  • Air sealing openings in the building’s outer envelope with caulk, foam sealant or the appropriate building materials
  • Insulating vulnerable areas such as the basement, attic, attic hatch, roof, exterior walls, ceilings that have cold spaces above and floors of any rooms situated over an unheated garage

Taking these actions will also bring even greater monetary savings by making your home in the often-challenging climate of Lawrenceburg, IN or Okeana or Harrison, OH more energy efficient.

HVAC Maintenance Further Increases Energy Efficiency

Once your home has been adequately weatherized using the variety of methods mentioned above, the next step for increased savings is to make the most of your newly energy efficient living space by keeping up with the critical HVAC maintenance tasks that help your system run better. Once you’ve done your part to give your system the TLC it needs, be sure you also schedule regular preventive maintenance checks that allow your system to deliver peak performance and maintain maximum efficiency over time.

Preventive Maintenance Plans Help You Save Even More

When it comes to your home’s energy efficiency strategy, opting for a preventive maintenance plan makes good sense. Consider our convenient Green Club Maintenance Membership and enjoy the benefits that go above and beyond simply saving energy:

  • Priority service
  • Repair discounts
  • Service call rate reductions
  • Manufacturer’s warranty validation

A variety of membership levels are available from Western Hills Air Conditioning and Heating to suit your family’s needs and budget. That’s just one more way we offer our Harrison and Okeana, OH and Lawrenceburg, IN customers personalized service.

Weatherization Plus Maintenance Save Both Energy & Money

To maximize your savings, you’ll want to develop a comprehensive home weatherization strategy that takes into account all the factors that contribute to heating and cooling losses or infiltration of unwelcome hot or cold air into your home during summer and winter. Western Hills Air Conditioning and Heating can help you develop that strategy to ensure that all your weatherization bases are covered. Our HVAC maintenance experts can also help by providing the professional maintenance inspections and tune-ups that keep your system operating at its energy efficient best throughout the year.

For more information about all the ways we can help you save energy and money in winter and summer through smart weatherization techniques and skillful HVAC equipment maintenance, call (812) 227-3001 to speak to one of our experienced HVAC consultants.

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